Sights & Sounds of Victoria (5:45 – 9:00pm)


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Discover Victoria’s unique mix of converging cultures and influences. Then travel outside the city to the bustling Sidney Evening Market. You’ll enjoy a narrated drive past Victoria’s most significant landmarks before heading into the farmlands of British Columbia. Reach Sidney by the Sea just in time to join the festivities at its lively Evening Market. This celebration of local arts, crafts and cuisine features more than 200 vendors, so get ready to join the party.


  • Discover Victoria’s uniquely diverse heritage uniting British, Aboriginal and Asian influences.
  • Drive through the city from Ogden Point past Beacon Hill Park and through the Inner Harbour with the historic Empress Hotel and Parliament Buildings.
  • Continue through the scenic farmland to Sidney, where you’ll join the excitement at the lively Evening Market.

Important details and advisements

  • Consider physical fitness and medical history when selecting tour.
  • Tour available Thursday evenings only – from first Thursday in June to last Thursday in August.
  • Guests failing to meet return bus are responsible for finding their own way back to ship.
  • Sidney Evening Market is open on May 19th and, as this is the first opening of the season, all the vendors may not be present.
  • Please remember to carry your reusable water bottle whilst on an excursion.