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Celiac Cruise met with Royal Caribbean Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Manager to discuss celiac disease and gluten free dining.

Why Voyage with Celiac Cruise

Families and individuals who are gluten-free due to Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity know that travel can be a burden and at times, scary—if you choose to travel at all.

You leave your kitchen and home grocery stores behind and enter a world that is often unknown. What if there’s nothing safe to eat? What will my options be? They say it’s “gluten-free” but how do I know?

These are the reasons Celiac Cruise and Total Travel and Events have partnered with Royal Caribbean for the first ever Celiac Cruise, sailing January 17-20 in 2020.

celiac cruise

Royal Caribbean Executive Chef Bala Kaliyamoorthy

On this gluten-free cruise aboard Royal Caribbean you will find:

  • Nationally recognized speakers and experts who will share their learnings on celiac disease, talk about best practices and provide insights on where the medical community is headed with regard to research.
  • Gluten-free menus, with the ability to order meals & dessert ahead of time in an organized, safe and efficient manner.
  • An orientation to eating gluten-free once you board the ship with the executive chef explaining the ins and outs of gluten-free dining for your cruise.
  • The chance for your family members to meet other gluten-free friends and socialize during receptions on the ship.
  • Informative presentations by a noteworthy gastroenterologist on the “past, present & future” of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.
  • A stress free, relaxing vacation in the Bahamas!

This sailing is what dreams are made of! This is the gluten-free vacation you’ve been looking for! For information on booking please click here. We can’t wait to hear your story!

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