The Majestic Mariner of the Seas

Families who vacation together make memories that last a lifetime. Celiac Cruise wants to make sure those opportunities exist for everyone—including those of us who can’t ingest gluten. That is why we are so excited to offer a safe, affordable and fun 3-day experience aboard the Majestic Mariner of the Seas from January 17-20, 2020.

We’ve spent time and met with Royal Caribbean’s Executive Chef onboard the ship. We’ve toured the kitchen, sampled the food and even witnessed how careful and thorough the crew is in cleaning plates and dishes! Chef Kaliyamoorthy and his team have created a menu and plan that guests can feel safe and good about.

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Recently we set sail aboard the Mariner of the Seas to learn more about their approach to preparing safe, gluten free foods for guests with Celiac Disease and Gluten sensitivity. Royal Caribbean Executive Chef Bala Kaliyamoorthy gave us a personal tour of the ship’s 3-level galley where we learned they bake fresh, gluten free bread every morning.

We were given a behind-the-scenes look to see just how they prepared DELICIOUS, Gluten-Free French Toast, Pancakes, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Tenders, Pizza and French Fries (with a keen eye toward the little ones!), and so much more!

This is a just a small taste of all the wonderful food and experiences awaiting you onboard the beautiful Mariner of the Seas!

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